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  • made from 25 mm diameter steel tubing, black netting and plastic tubing for the feet

  • each hoop is made in 4 pieces - 2m long and joined on site for ease of transportation

  • the hoops are placed at 2m intervals and are secured in the ground with plastic feet to stop corrosion

  • joined to each other by nylon string and secured at each end to pegs in the ground

  • the netting is sewn together and can come in different percentage grades to filter the sun's rays, thus reducing the heat and protecting from birds and insects

  • the hoops span at 5.4m and 2.25m high

  • the tunnel in the pictures is 10m long

"Black Netting Tunnel Project"

the black netting tunnel


The Black Netting Tunnel System:

  • reduces the rays of the sun stopping plants from scorching and drying out too quickly

  • reduces the amount of water need to irrigate the plants

  • increases crop production per square metre of land making it suitable for small farms

  • uses grow bags to stop disease and root competition

  • stops attack from birds and flying insects

  • reduces the amount of water necessary for irrigation