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    The basis of global justice is a "revolution" in our understanding of money. This is the great enabler for change especially in areas where there is no commercial viability such as some climate project. My work in development known as TRANSFINANCIAL ECONOMICS is arguably the key to this,and much more besides.See my p2p entry on the subject... Robert Searle - Slough, UK


    As we all know, education is the basis of a country.  Many rich and highly developed countries have better education systems than ours in China.  In some poor areas, many people can't get the basic education, so I appeal to the Government to pay more attention to those people.  Our society needs more modern people, not uneducated peasants.

    Lisa, from Nanning, South-West China
    I think every kind of the creature has its space and we can live in harmony with each other on the earth,   this is what we want I think.  Through creating a good relationship with the ecology and the environment,   we can promote our standard of our human lives.     Every creature is based on the planet in which we live now,  so we should regard our ecology and environment seriously.  

    Bill, from Nanning, China
    I always say that one of the important things in your life is your family, because they always give you support. The next thing is freedom. I think that every person can choose his way of life, religion, etc. without being criticised by others. And third is- to live in harmony with other people and nature. - ref 101
    I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I try to tell other people – my friends that it’s not the best thing to do. ref 102
    No, the things that can unite the world are spiritual , not material. The spiritual things are such as friendship, love, understanding and so on. ref 103
    I can educate, to get education, and start with myself, because we can't improve the World, we can improve ourselves. ref 104
    The three most important things in life are: family, friends and work. Family(love) + friends (communication and relationship) + work (career and money) = happiness! ref 105
    I never drop litter, I try not to buy products that were tested on animals, that are environmentally friendly. I never judge people by their nationality, religion or by how much money they have in their pocket. ref 106
    Poverty still prevails in much of the world, but it is not money alone that might help to solve the problem. People need at first kindness, understanding, support. They should consider that they have friends everywhere because every human being has something in common: we all live on the planet Earth& we must help each other. ref 107
    I think, that it means to fight with your thoughts, feelings. Example, if I am lazy and really don't want to go to school - I think - to go or not. It is difficult to pick the right choice. This is a struggle against myself. ref 108
    1.Family. It's a group of people with whom you always feel comfortable. They trust you and help you. But an essential thing is to respect & understand each other. 2.Love. Life is not so beautiful & colourful without it. Love gives power, impressions, and emotions. And, what's the most important, it teaches to give a lot and to do a lot for another person. 3.Work. I mean also intellectual progress, promotion & self-education. You need the aim, so, in this case you work hard to achieve it. If you enjoy your work you are happy! ref 109
    I think that the first important thing in life is love. Love with family, friends, a special friend, nature and so on. If a person can’t love somebody- he has lost himself and is very sad. The second thing is water. Without water people can’t live – nature, nobody. It is the beginning of the spark of life. The third is a roof over our head. It means safety, harmony and peace. ref 110
    I don't have the power to change the world, but my generation have a possibility to make it better. We have to study, to investigate our world, to learn about other nations, and nature. We have to improve ourselves, to get information about the world and, what is very important, we have to communicate with people of other nations. ref 111
    When I think about my problems, sometimes I realize how unhappy and unfortunate other people are. Then I feel ashamed of my own thoughts. It's heart-rending that many children are undernourished, living in miserable straits. I'm eager to help to all of them. If only I had the power to help them! I really want if all the people would be happy. ref 112


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