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  • Study and discuss new ideas about our world and at the same time improve your English.  If you are interested, please read on:
    An English Language

    Conversation and Internet Course


    First and Second Language Speakers of English

    This course is designed to help improve our spoken and written English and to give confidence with communicating with other people!  It is a forum for sharing our ideas.

    It looks at issues in the world that affect our personal and working lives.  It helps us understand our relationships with our family, friends, and classmates, or colleagues at work and the society we live in.  It also looks at the wider perspective of our culture and the relationship to the whole world, and to understand historical events that have helped create the world we live in.

    The course has a series of 12 modules that each take a minimum of 120 minutes to complete.  Each module contains a song, a story and the main theme.  Also there are video clips and links to other websites for further reading relating to the topics.

    There are different ways that you can study this course:

    1. a conversation class for up to no more than 15 people.

    2. an Internet zone using the global-civilization website that can be done at home.

    3. conversation and Internet course together.

    *   a twelve module Internet/conversation              course

    *   suitable for all ages from 16 years old                upwards

    *   duration of meetings to be arranged                  depending on location (conversation course            only)

    *   the course will be free of charge except for        the cost of the two books (£6 each for                  conversation course) and room hire (if

    *    Internet course - free or charge

    *    developed and used in universities,
          colleges and private classes by an                       Englishman who has been living in
          Eastern Europe and China

    *    If you are interested in doing this course            either on the Internet or in a group,
          please register by clicking on the link: