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Interested in investing into Sustainable Development?

We also accept donations.

Invest as little as USD 10

Below is a breakdown of the funds needed to set up different versions of this project with different income scenarios. The scenarios are options depending on the amount of money investors are prepared to invest.

In the table immediately above you will notice three different scenarios. Scenario 1 shows that the project can be established with less sales for one year. Income is forecast within 4 - 6 months from the sale of products and produce judging by the interest already shown. Scanario 2 and 3 shows the potential to earn money that can then be used to start new pilot projects in new areas. In fact, there is no limit to its potential to multiply... all we need is the good will of people to help with the starting capital.

I know there are many other good causes that are needing money and I am not asking you sell your house as I did myself to get to this point of development. Ten US dollars is the minimum investment, and there is no limit to the maximum.
So to encourage you to invest I now wish you to view the table below. This shows the returns to you on your investment depending on the yearly net profit of the project. It is made on a sliding scale. The more profit the higher the percentage return to the investor. If you wish further information please don't hesitate to contact me...

Investor Incentive:

We also accept donations.

Thank you for investing...

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