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No Dig Farming
No Dig Farming
"No Dig Farming", also known as Lasagne Farming, is a new method of growing vegetables without having to plough or dig the land. Charles Dowding in the UK has done a lot of pioneer work on this method and others like Russell Attwood of Kettering in England is seen in the recent video I made who has been using this method for a number of years. In the video below (or right side) in America no dig farming has been taken to a new level of production.
  1. The ground must be loosened to allow oxygen to penetrate. If the ground has been left fallow for many years that will mean digging or ploughing the land. From then on there should be no digging.
  2. Cover the ground with cardboard, followed by:
    • wood shavings
    • green matter (cut grass)
    • brown matter (dry leaves)
    • soil
    • wood shavings
  3. Leave for 3 months to rot down. Water is needed to help the composting process!
No Dig Farming in Central England
No Dig Farming
No Dig Farming (near Lake Victoria)
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