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Setting Up an Agricultural Pilot Project
The following shows some estimated costs:
(subject to local prices and availablitiy):
1. New Fencing & Gates (if needed - see: design)
Based on about 2 acres of land:
  • 200 metal fence posts - 32mm square tubing
  • chain link netting - 383 metres
  • barbed wire - 3,000 metres
  • cement for foundations 40 x 50kg bags
  • binding wire
  • red oxide paint
    Sub total: USD2,214
    Sub total: USD315
    Labour for construction:
    Sub total: USD664.20
    Double Gate:
    Sub total: USD350
    Single Gate:
    Sub total: USD150
    Grand Total: USD3,693.70

    2. Irrigation (see: link)
    SunCulture Rainmaker 2:
    • Solar Panel
    • Battery and control unit
    • Pump
    • 100m 3/4" pipe
    • 1 jet sprinler (20m diameter)
    • 4 butterfly sprinkler (10m diameter)
    Grand Total: USD1,099
    Water Tanks: 1000 - 5000ltr: USD90 to 350

    3. Black Netting Tunnels (see: link)
    We supply the Black Netting Tunnel (10m (L) x 5.4m (W) x 2.25m (H)) and some extra equipment as required!
      • black netting tunnel poles
      • plastic tubing feet
      • black netting
      • rope
      • polythene for floor
      • polythene for grow bags
      • wood shavings for floor
      • labour and assembly* for construction are included in the price! Please contact us for further information
      Total: USD495.00
      • Water Tower - USD350
      • Water Tank & fittings - 1000ltr: USD120
      • Welder: USD95
      • Work Bench: USD50
      • Labour for construction are included in the price
    N.B. These prices are subject to variation depending on local costs of materials.

    4. Min Till Hand Planter (see: link)
    • Hand Operated Planter can place the seed in the exactly spot required and put fertilizer 50mm away, in a seperate hole.
    Total: USD150

    5. Two Handled Fork (see: link)
    • Two handled fork to loosen the soil to let oxygen access needed by the plant through the roots
    Total: USD125

    5. Rocket Stove (see: link)
    • Rocket Stove - made of bricks
    • Only made when other larger items are purcahsed
    Total: USD35.75