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You have landed on this page wondering what the heart symbol would reveal, is this correct?

It was once said that the world is like the human eye and that Africa is the pupil of that eye and without it we would not be able to see. I used the shape of a heart because we cherish being able to see as the most important of our outer senses but yet we are destroying our world and Africa is a reflection of what is happening on planet earth today. Give health to Africa and the world will become healthy.

I now want to make you aware of two documentaries, one negative and the other positive. They are called:

"Earth 2100" and "Sustainable Development in Brazil"

The first movie shows the consequences of our unsustainable life-styles that are causing serious harm to our planet which will lead to the inevitable collapse of our civilization with the death of millions, if not billions of people and the second is about one man's efforts who carried out an extensive redevelopment of his city as mayor.

My project, on the other hand, is just one small initiative towards a sustainable future, which with others could transform our world for generations to come...

jeremy smith

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"Focus on Africa"

Sustainable Development Project

is looking for funding, so if you know or can suggest ways to do this, please contact me with your offers and suggestions...

with a big heart, I thank you....