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Help and get tax relief, for UK Residents ONLY, by donating to Zambian Gems Foundation
(earmarked - Wagego)
  • Zambian Gems Foundation is a UK Charity that helps different organisations around the world.
  • It is registered with the UK Charity Commission since 2011.
  • Activities include:
    • health, primary and secondary educations, university support, orphanage, farming, entrepreneurship programs, sport activities, primary and home care, training including COVID19
  • in over 20 countries including:
    • Zambia, The Gambia, South Africa , Tanzania, Guyana, Guatemala, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan
  • Why donate through Zambian Gems Foundation:
    If you live in the UK and wish to donate to Wagego CBO (community based organization), then you will be able to get tax relief.
  • To see more about this please click on this link to UK Government website about: Tax relief when you donate to a charity
  • And you can contact me by going to: contact
  • Go to Zambian Gems Foundation webite by clicking here